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Francesca Feindel

Visual Communications

About Francesca

Hello! My name is Francesca Feindel. Throughout my design and previous career technical school education, I have learned and become much more aware of how to be a better designer. My style of design is simple but with a unique touch to it to make my work feel more personal. Most people would describe me as funny, shy, creative and fun.


My plan was always to go to Sinclair to get my gen eds done, and I knew I wanted to continue in the photography field specifically but there was no direct field for it, so I joined the Vis Com Program. I have learned so much within the last 3 years of my time here overall.


 I’m so thankful for all the friendships and connections. I have made with my peers and professors. My plan after graduation is to be able to the Disney College Program and to later join the marketing and video making/editing area of design. Enjoy my portfolio!