i-Debut Title

Eric Payne

Visual Communications

About Eric

I would consider myself to be a very open-minded person. I have been told by other people that I bring a certain beam of light into the room that makes me stand out from others. I also feel that also can be said for the way I design as well. when I design, I always try to be very collaborative and kind of think outside of the box with some ideas.


Working with other people and getting their opinions on what I could add to my design or what things could be fixed is what really helps me truly become a great designer because I'm learning and bouncing off other people’s ideas whether they’re designers themselves or as a client. I like to do a multitude of many different things I like to illustrate pictures; I like cartoon characters or like superheroes, I also like to do designs for fashion, and many different art-based hobbies. being a graphic designer allows me to work in a field where I'm doing something that I love rather than just doing it to put food on the table.


I was more of an artist when I first came to Sinclair; I'd like to do a lot of abstract in very illustrative things, but I had to learn that a lot of design work wasn't supposed to be like an art project; when it came to design, I had to learn to be creative while also thinking in a practical sense in terms of layout, production, and craft. While becoming a great designer I have also become a better artist as well. Graphic design has truly expanded the world around me in terms of creativity.