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Charity Shellabarger

Interior Design

About Charity

Hello all, my name is Charity Shellabarger and I am an interior design graduate as of this May 2021. I am a small town Ohio girl with some big dreams to take on the interior design world. Growing up, I always loved designing things, from canvases to my own room. I probably found myself rearranging my bedroom or doll house 5-6 times a week. I grew up in a family that was part artistic and part logistic, my mother was very artistic with her displaying in stores and designing in her own home and my father was logistic and mathematical with his construction business. I would like to say being an interior designer is the perfect love child of the two, with logistics and functionality but also an artistic and aesthetic appeal.  



I am currently working for an interior designer, doing CAD drawing for her and her clients, and I can happily say that I absolutely love what I do. I am so excited to soon begin work on my own as interior designer but before that I have decided to go back to school for one class, Architectural Graphics ll, to strengthen my abilities in Revit which is a program that creates 3D interior and exterior drawings. I want to one day be able to use my abilities to show a client a space before the construction or remodel has even begun.