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Cassandra Myers

Visual Communications

About Cassandra

Hello! My name is Cassandra Myers. I was born in Denver, Colorado and have spent the majority of my life in Dayton, Ohio. I am the eldest of four kids and we are a tight-knit family. I am a huge cat lover and cannot wait to have one as my own. I play a lot of video games and look for ones that interest me the most in both gameplay and design. 


I am a graphic designer and concept artist. Art has always been a passion of mine and I take joy in seeing others express that same passion. I see everything as a form of art and believe that it is a staple in our society. I am always learning something new and I take what I learn to create innovative designs. Drawing and sketching are pastimes of mine and whenever I get an idea I draw it out. I love vibrant colors and take pictures of them when I can. I hope to break through the designer world and show everyone what I am capable of!